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Discover Your Power

Through Personal Coaching

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Image by Sven Mieke

Helen Vidotti

Fitness & Dance Professional

Helen offers over 10 years of experience in Fitness and Training.

She is a REPs Certified Personal Trainer, Strong Nation Instructor, Zumba Fitness & Toning Instructor and Professional Dancer.

Health & Fitness has always been an important part of Helen’s life. Having trained hard in dance since she was 3 years old, and travelled the world performing as a professional dancer, Helen has a keen understanding of the body’s capabilities and uses this knowledge in her fitness programs. 

If you want someone to push and motive you, whilst guiding you to achieve your full potential, then Helen is the trainer for you.

Weight loss, strength, endurance, flexibility and power are some key aspects she can offer.

Exclusive to ProPT - clients also have access to Helen's home workout videos to provide you with a unique experience in a wide variety of fitness subjects.

She maintains a loyal following of clients who have achieved great results and transformations.

With her encouraging attitude, support, guidance and motivation are you ready to discover your power?






  "Best personal trainer ..... EVER!! .. Seriously Helens sessions are amazing ... I've only just started my 6th week & already lost nearly 20lbs!! Fun & friendly structured workouts are always what you get with Helen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!"

   "With the right balance of fun and discipline, Helen really motivated me to work my body hard and the 1 hour session whizzed by.

   By the end I was so amazed at how many calories I had burnt off.    It's great to be able to look forward to working out!"


"Amazing trainer! Brilliant one to one sessions."


"Had a fantastic Zumba lesson with Helen tonight. It was first time I had been to one of Helen’s classes. It was so much fun and very enjoyable. I will definitely do a lot more classes and training with Helen in the future."

   "I have attended Helen's larger Zumba & Toning classes as well as smaller group training & individual personal training sessions.

   Her enthusiasm & encouragement is infectious & she never gives less than 100%.

   If you need a trainer who will build you up, keep you motivated & help you to reach your goals then Helen is the one for you!"


"I had my first personal training session with Helen today and I can't wait for the next! I would recommend Helen to anyone looking to increase their fitness. She made my work out fun and put me at ease straight away."

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