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What are the benefits of Personal Training?

  1. Tailored Programs

  2. Advanced Techniques

  3. Commitment & Accountability

  4. Support & Guidance

  5. Proven Results

  6. REPs Certified Trainer


Tailored Programes

When you train with Helen, you will work together to create the most effective workout routine for you to reach your specific fitness goals. This can be done either through an online platform or in person.


Advanced Techniques

Helen is continuously furthering her education in all aspects of her field to bring you the best and most innovative training.


Commitment & Accountability

When you commit to a program with Helen you are 90% more likely to succeed then when you are on your own. You will have a sense of purpose for your training and commit your time with a scheduled appointment.


Support and Guidance

Each ProPT client will have access to their own exclusive Portal via the ProPT website and an App for on the go. Here you will be able to see and track all your activities and results and communicate with Helen.


Proven Results

Working with Fitness Professional ensures all the best and safest techniques to help you get the results you want. Helen will also perform fitness test as part of your training so you have measurable results at frequent intervals to motive you towards your ultimate goal.


REPs Certified Trainer

Helen is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals which recognises the qualifications and expertise of health enhancing exercise instructors in the UK. Helen meets the health and fitness industry's agreed national occupational standards




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